Welcome to the AcrossLimits E-Learning Platform, an online service which includes communication through a technological network designed for educational purposes. From hereon, it will be recognised as the “Platform”, owned and operated by AcrossLimits (“AL”, “we”, “our”, “us”). 

These terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) apply when we are utilised by a company or organisation (“Customer”, “Organisation”) which gives you access to benefit from the services provided by the Platform so as to communicate with other users.

Through access and use of the Platform, you are showing that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms. Moreover, your use of the Platform is protected by the Data Protection Act that is Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta and by the European GDPR Law. 

We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time and without notice. When we do so, we will accordingly update the Terms on our website and also communicate with our Customers. It is within the Customer’s responsibility to notify you, unless the Customer gives us the responsibility to do so. We encourage you to view the Terms regularly to ensure that you are updated. Your continued use of the Platform infers that you are providing consent to the updated Terms. 



Your Organisation will contractually utilise the Platform to allow you access to its courses and/or services. We will provide you with credentials to make use of the Platform within 24 hours of subscription. You may view and provide feedback on the content provided by the Organisation, whilst also sharing with other users. 

The Organisation is in charge of the provision of this content and information which you provide as a subscriber of its services. Your Organisation is also responsible for the size of its user network. For more information on who will be utilising the service, contact your Organisation. Those users within the network will be able to view your User profile and activity on the Platform.



Your use of the Platform is subject to these Terms, alongside any policies or terms provided by your Organisation. AL as well as your Organisation reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Platform if you violate the Terms as well as those of the Organisation. 

By giving your email address, you consent to the fact that AL may send you Platform-related notices as well as any notices required by law. We may also use your email address to send you other information relevant to the Platform. 


User Content

Throughout your use of the Platform, you may upload content or information and make it available to other users (“User Content”). You are also giving consent to us and the Organisation to view your User Content; including information you do not make available to other users. This may be done without notice. Hence, you have sole responsibility over the content which you publish.

You can end this license over certain content by deleting the information or removing your account from the Platform. Content which you had published may remain on the Platform if other users shared the information, as well as through any traces of communication made with other users. 

AL also withholds the right to use your activity on the Platform to deliver statistics. You agree that we are only partially acting as representatives of your Organisation with regards to online activity on the Platform. AL is not responsible for policing the Platform, nor for reviewing any of the content made online. Hence, we cannot assure you that there may not be any harmful, abusive or defamatory content. You are agreeing that any loss or damage is of your own responsibility. Yet, according to law, we do maintain the right to review and remove User Content based on discretion. 


Use of Service

You agree that you will:

  1. Abide by these Terms
  2. Comply with all relevant laws, including those on data protection, intellectual property and anti-spam
  3. Provide accurate and truthful information for the benefit of the Platform


You agree that you will not:

  1. Act in a manner that is abusive or threatening towards other users
  2. Post content that does not comply with the relevant laws as those mentioned above and others which may apply
  3. Post content that is harmful, abusive or defamatory in any way
  4. Create a risk of loss or damage to another user
  5. Contribute to an activity which constitutes a crime
  6. Publish information that is illegal
  7. Publish information which you have no right to publish
  8. Publish incorrect information
  9. Update any courses from user accounts
  10. Use the services of the Platform in any way that may infringe on copyright laws


Our Rights

Your User Content and Organisation Content notwithstanding, the Platform and its materials such as software, images, text, audio, video, graphics, illustrations, logos, trademarks, copyrights and music (the “AL Materials”), and all intellectual property rights associated are the exclusive ownership of AL and its licensors. You may enjoy the AL Materials as part of your subscription but you do not have the right to sell, copy, modify, edit, distribute, reproduce, publicly share, publish or create associated works from that which is found on the Platform. Use of the AL Materials via the Platform for any other reason is not permitted. 

We do invite you to provide feedback on the Platform and how we can improve the service. By submitting such advice, we are not bound to you with any obligations and so we are free to use your feedback in any way without providing you with compensation. 


Third-Party Services

The Platform may use links to third-party websites, advertisers and services as well as other providers which your Organisation may use (known as “Third-Party Services”). We do not control or have any responsibility over the content or policies of Third-Party Services. Access to Third-Party Services from the Platform is done at your own risk. Moreover, your dealings with or participation with such services, including payment and delivery of goods, are an agreement between you and that service. Hence, AL is not responsible for any consequent loss or damage through such dealings. 



You agree to hold AL and its associated representatives harmless in any claim against loss or damage through your use of the Platform, your violation of these Terms or the terms of the Organisation or Third-Party Services. You will also hold harmless AL and its associates from your violation of the laws of Malta as well as those of any other jurisdiction. 


No Warranty

The Platform is provided with no warranty and thus your use is at your own risk in case of loss or damage resulting from viruses or other harmful content which has been downloaded. Moreover, AL does not warrant any service which is provided by your Organisation or any Third-Party Services. 


Limitation of Liability

AL or its associates hold no responsibility for any loss or damage which result from your use or misuse of the Platform. Neither is it liable for injury or loss of data as caused by hacking or viruses. Moreover, AL is not responsible for errors and inaccuracies within the Platform’s content as well as defamatory, abusive or threatening content and behaviour by other users.

Your subscription to the Platform and the fact that you are viewing these Terms infers that you automatically agree to our limitation of liability clause. This clause will apply to its full extent as permitted by the law of the relevant country or region.



The laws of Malta oversee these Terms, as well as any claims which may arise between you and us. These Terms constitute your entire agreement with AL. If any provision of these Terms is deemed invalid, then this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. 

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