Tech Services AcrossLimits

AcrossLimits has different teams of developers for both Unix/Linux and Windows platforms and this enables us to provide a complete integration of various components making us also strong in interoperability issues. We have been instrumental in the infant stages of e-commerce in Malta creating payment gateways, large online retailers and working in collaboration with local and foreign banks.

Web development is still strong within our technical division, although nowadays we focus also on integration with social networks, mobile application development for iPhone and Android and a higher level of interactivity online with the inclusion of user generated content.

AcrossLimits have 3 hosting packages that one can benefit from according to their needs. 24hour support and 99.9% uptime, you can put your mind at rest, that your eBusiness is in a safe hand.

Within eLearning we specialise in the creation of virtual learning environments including online training, curriculum-based courses and instructional design using the latest rich-media technologies integrated with virtual classes, distance learning, mobile apps and collaborative team applications.

AcrossLimits is also working on telecare platforms and solutions to increase the effectiveness of current social-health care services and permit the setting up of innovative service models. This exploits the potential and synergies of different technologies able to support disabled and elderly people (home automation, assistive technologies and telemedicine), within a cooperative working environment shared by different stakeholders and caregivers. A subsidiary company called Cogknow focuses on providing solutions for people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, keeping them independent for longer in their own homes.

From its ICT consulting division, AcrossLimits’ expertise is very much in promotion of innovative technologies and commercialisation of their own and third party solutions in the countries around the Mediterranean, North Europe and Scandinavia. In fact it participates in trade fairs related to ICT solutions and works together with a whole network of resellers, consultants and vendors within these regions.